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What is Business Efficient IT?

In economics, efficient is defined as:

An economic state in which every resource is allocated to serve each person in the best way while minimizing waste and inefficiency.

At Xigent Solutions we’ve taken the definition and applied it to the IT environment. Therefore, Business Efficient IT (BEI) is:

An IT environment in which each IT resource - people, processes, and technologies - are allocated to deliver the greatest business outcomes while minimizing cost and inefficiency. 

It is both an operational standard and a methodology developed through extensive research and development designed with the specific goal of creating enterprise level IT outcomes that are tailored for mid-market organizations. Our experience with hundreds of companies and thousands of individual technology platform decisions informed the R&D and resulting methodology.

What a Business Efficient IT environment looks like will be unique to each organization and achieving it requires a long term commitment and ongoing focus on improvement.

What does BEI deliver?

A comprehensive, fully realized BEI environment will deliver improved and measurable outcomes across a range of business and IT metrics.


Greater Business Value

Business Efficient IT organizations have a fundamentally different relationship with the business. IT and the business are strategically aligned and because of improved performance a lower percentage of its operating budget is spent on running the existing environment and solving problems allowing a greater percentage of budget dollars to be spent on growth and transformational activities. The shift in IT’s operational focus enables resources to be reallocated to higher business value uses. Greater business engagement and improved IT governance deliver increased customer and user satisfaction with IT.

Lower Risk

One of the hallmarks of a BEI environment is an overall decrease in risk for the business. IT security is improved leading to a decrease in both the number and severity of security events. Availability is greater with both fewer and shorter system outages. Compliance is also improved lowering the number of audit deficiencies.


Improved Performance 

Business Efficient IT yields better financial performance with lower IT spend as a percentage of revenue as well as per employee. You will also see higher performance from IT with a greater percentage of available capacity utilized and a decrease in both the number and severity of incidents. The overall maturity level of your IT department will increase resulting in improved IT service levels and higher process maturity. BEI also means greater staff skills and a corresponding increase in productivity.

Greater Agility

Internal projects move to completion more quickly and decreases in the number of open service requests results in greater productivity and improved outcomes.

Decreased Complexity

Re-engineered and more mature IT process along with platform consolidation results in reduced complexity.  Reduced complexity provides many efficiency and cost savings benefits.

Getting on the path to BEI

Xigent Solutions has developed a methodology for helping our customers build a BEI environment over time.  It is a rigorous process that is strategic, disciplined and systematic, culminating in the creation and execution of a multi-year road map that will ultimately deliver the most appropriate service level at the lowest cost to the business.  Our customers can start on the path to BEI in a number of ways.  Using Xigent’s BEI.navigator offering they can follow a holistic approach and begin with a strategy and planning engagement that encompasses all aspects of IT and forms an overall improvement plan.  Alternatively, customers can build up their BEI environment following a grass roots approach by working on one area of IT, or platform, at a time and developing BEI capabilities as each area of IT is re-engineered.  Xigent’s Solution Assurance Program is designed to drive BEI results at this level.

Can your business operations run reliably and efficiently at all times? Get on the path towards Business Efficient IT with our Hybrid Managed Services.

Staying on the path to BEI

Every business planning expert will tell you that the easy part is developing the strategy and plan.  The difficult job or “secret to success” is retaining focus on executing the plan.   To help solve this problem Xigent remains involved throughout the process with resources and activities that include BEI coaching, project management, outcome and metric measurement, progress reporting, annual roadmap updates, project execution assistance, as well as our suite of offerings that deliver BEI specific capabilities.  Our offerings and skills are designed to help our customers stay on the path to Business Efficient IT and drive improved outcomes and business value from IT.


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