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IT Asset Management

The Challenge

The effective management of IT assets and service contracts is a critical component of a Business Efficient IT (BEI) environment. Because it is commonly viewed as a non-urgent issue it ends up at the bottom of operational priority lists and results in some or all of the following:

  • No accurate inventory of the large volume of IT assets distributed throughout the organization
  • No formal asset classification discipline to guide asset management decisions
  • No formal asset tracking tools or process
  • A wide variety of deployed service contracts track differently by vendor
  • No formal asset disposition process or procedures




-Excessive spending on IT assets and service contracts

-Greater risk of business disruptions


-Excessive management time spent on lower priority issues

-Increased overhead


Let Xigent Clean Up the Mess

Xigent has designed a family of IT asset management services to address these issues:


Xigent Asset Manager– a self service online IT asset management tool that enables you to manage your diverse IT asset portfolio in real-time with automated alerts about asset lifespan, service contract expiration and warranty agreements. Capabilities include:

    • Service desk to assist with incident management for contracted assets.
    • Ability to update new and existing asset information for ongoing management.
    • Assets purchased from Xigent are automatically added to the XAM.



Includes everything in the Essential package plus:

Asset Management– Xigent will review your organization’s IT environment along two dimensions:

    • Asset Inventory: A complete inventory of the number and maturity of IT assets including an analysis of existing service contracts and terms
    • Process Audit: A detailed audit of asset management processes provides the foundation for process re-engineering that will improve management effectiveness and reduce expenses

Asset Classification

    • Categorize and prioritize assets
    • Develop management guidelines by category


Includes everything in the Enhanced and Essential packages plus:

Xigent IT Asset Management Service– Let Xigent take care of the ongoing management and tracking of IT assets. Capabilities include all of the self-service features plus:

    • Asset tracking
    • Process re-engineering and deployment for Moves/Adds/Changes
    • Service Desk for consolidated incident management
    • Optional additions – proactive asset management, enhanced monitoring of Tier 1 assets, support services, and access to Xigent Online Store

*Xigent will automatically add all asset lifespan, service contract, and warranty agreement information for any assets purchased from Xigent. Products eligible for Asset Management must have a one-year warranty contract or maintenance contract and contain a serial number.


Maintenance Offerings (OEM):

Xigent provides OEM solutions to ensure the appropriate service levels and cost for your business needs. Service options are available for most IT infrastructure manufactures including the companies below:


No Cost – The potential cost savings that result from effective IT asset management typically offset the expenses of both clean-up and ongoing asset management.

Additional business benefits:

  • Savings from support contracts without sacrificing quality or service levels.
  • Reduced management and administrative time.
  • Increased system availability and faster recovery time.
  • Improved asset utilization.
  • Increased visibility and control of IT assets.
  • Compliance with audit and regulatory requirements.


Take Control

Whether you choose to manage and maintain your IT assets yourself or have Xigent Solutions manage and maintain them for you, Xigent Solutions IT Asset Management Services will improve visibility into your IT services contracts and assets, save administrative expense, improve service levels, and put your company on the path toward BEI.

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