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A long time ago a wise man said “prevention is better than cure.” That same wisdom is especially true today, perhaps more than ever, when talking about IT security.

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A good security plan should Detect, Identify, Respond, Protect and Recover from

  • user error
  • infrastructure failure
  • viruses, malware and ransomware

The plan, and what each of those elements look like, will be unique for every business.

Xigent Solutions specializes in helping mid-market organizations develop and run a security program that is appropriately sized, comprehensive and tested. Protect your business and customers with a security plan that delivers IT resilience.


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Threats are constantly changing, so our FISASCORE assessment evolves to remain current and relevant along with them. Click to learn more!


From policies and procedures to architecture and design, our security experts can help.


Your employees are your most important security asset. Keep them up-to-date on security and social engineering threats and best practices to avoid them.


You don't have the budget for a full-time security executive but could use the guidance. Leverage our experience and expertise to achieve enterprise level security.


We partner with a range of leading security technology providers and can help you understand which IT security product is best for your business.


Recovering from an attack is as important as protecting against one but it can be complex and expensive. We can help by creating and running actionable, cost effective DR and Backup plans.

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