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Our continuous strategy planning managed service offering is designed specifically for the mid-market. With a disciplined framework to Assess, Plan, and Deliver IT capabilities, our team works with your business to develop and follow a practical road map to improve IT performance, resilience, and agility: ultimately delivering greater value from IT.

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The long-term success of businesses today depends on information technology.  Yet the majority of mid-market businesses don’t have an IT strategy and plan they are following.  No wonder business leaders are frustrated with the business value created from their investment in IT.  It’s hard to imagine running a business without a plan.  The same should be true with IT.  To address evolving business needs, organizations need an IT plan and road map that identifies the people, process and technology capabilities needed to deliver business value.  Successful organizations not only have a plan, but the plan is supported by leadership and managed over time to ensure successful execution.

Xigent Solutions’ managed strategy service is designed to help organizations shape the direction of IT to deliver more business value.  The framework is based on an iterative and ongoing approach to assess the current situation, identify and prioritize opportunities, and build required capabilities.  The Assess, Plan, and Build approach ensures a practical road map is followed to improve IT performance, resilience, and agility; ultimately delivering greater business value.  We call this Business Efficient IT.

Continuous Process

No "paralysis by analysis" planning. Our dynamic process ensures business-critical IT capabilities can rapidly respond to emerging business opportunities

Assess, Plan, Deliver.

Decision-Making & Action -- Our process gives the business laser focus on understanding the environment, making decisions, and taking actions to deliver outcomes.

Mid-Market Focus

The discipline, aspiration, and sophistication of Enterprise approaches tailored to be actionable for mid-market companies. Strategic planning and execution is no longer something only Enterprise organizations can afford.

Ongoing Participation

Executing plans to create business value is difficult and time consuming. We stay continually engaged to drive focus on plan execution and ensure value return on investment.

Measured Performance

KPIs are improved outcomes and value, not project status. We help you define and track metrics to drive accountability, motivate people and create focus on goal completion.

Business Accountability

Unified business and IT resources around what constitutes success ensures that business stakeholders participate, stay engaged and take ownership of the plan and its execution.

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