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Product Services

Our product offerings are building blocks of a best of breed IT infrastructure. We put the power of trusted technology solutions in your hands and help you operate them with optimal efficiency.  Let us worry about putting the right hardware in place and keeping the system running.  We span the entire infrastructure spectrum, including:


Virtualization has become the de-facto standard for IT infrastructure efficiency. Companies are realizing that virtualization is the most efficient path to meet SLAs and to decrease time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades.

We work with leading virtualization vendors including:

vmware citrix



Networks are the conduit through which our information travels. We connect legacy and new technologies, reliably and flexibly in whatever on-site, virtual or cloud-hosted configurations fit your needs.

We work with leading networking vendors including:





The explosion of data and applications is taxing the abilities of many companies to keep up. Business needs are driving IT infrastructure beyond its capacity for many organizations. We bring leading technologies in primary storage, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, compliance and data governance.

We work with leading storage vendors including:

netapp2 Nimble Storage
Pure zerto



A critical component of your IT infrastructure, the right servers, can improve your application performance, simplify day-to-day management, and provide lower total cost of ownership.

We work with leading server vendors including:


Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services ensure that all your IT product solutions receives the best maintenance and support.  We offer both OEM and 3rd party multi-vendor maintenance services.

Product maintenance is a critical component of an efficient infrastructure.  Service levels are assured with quality support offerings.  Budget savings can be realized with effective contract design and management.

Xigent helps reduce administrative time, cost and hassle through a single web portal for asset and contract management.

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Support Services

Technology investments are not made lightly.  Often, though, organizations overlook the cost of ongoing support and system operation when making investment decisions.  Our Support Services include monitoring (xMaaS), ad hoc tech support, architecture and design support. Organizations can augment strained IT resources with expert skills and process discipline focused on improving IT metrics, performance and outcomes.  Our integrated service desk handles both usage-related and break-fix support requests.


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Benefit From Business Efficient Infrastructure

As key components in the Procure and Deploy phases our Product and Maintenance Services combine the strength state of the art technology with comprehensive maintenance and support creating an affordable, flexible, reliable, and secure infrastructure environment to meet your business requirements. Regardless of your IT investment, we can create a Business Efficient Infrastructure that optimizes your IT performance.


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