What Could a Multicloud Strategy Do for You?

Cloud computing is more than a simple migration of data to the cloud – it needs to allow its users to fully leverage their data, no matter where it is. When properly harnessed, cloud allows our clients to deploy and manage IT services more easily, free themselves from infrastructure constraints, and protect their valuable data without breaking their budget. Simply put, a top quality cloud computing strategy will result in better business outcomes.

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Innovative organizations today require a solid foundation within the cloud. IT decision makers are now looking for newer and smarter ways to tap more potential out of their IT infrastructure and budget, not to mention supporting thousands of applications, business stakeholders and end-users.

Xigent has the expertise to ensure your cloud environments are agile, resilient and stable and delivering measured business results. In choosing a managed cloud partner, you’re making an investment in your organization, your employees and your end-users. In doing so, you need to be sure you choose one with a strategic vision to help you sew the seeds for future growth within your IT organization and beyond. Let us accompany you on your cloud voyage.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud; Hybrid Cloud vs. Multicloud

Options to deploy your cloud computing capabilities are almost endless and are in a constant state of flux. All provide cost-effectiveness, reliable performance and scale, however, the method you choose depends on your business’ needs. Let us help you discover the optimal cloud strategy to support goals and aspirations of your company.

Utilizing Cisco’s multicloud portfolio, our customers can securely extend their private networks into public clouds and ensure their overall application experience. Cisco cloud users can take advantage of industry-leading direct-to-cloud connectivity, protect their multicloud identities and deploy, manage, and optimize applications in multicloud container environments. Xigent is a proud Cisco Premier Partner.

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Consistent infrastructure can create and sustain consistent operations and help business flourish. VMWare allows us to manage our clients’ entire app portfolio across hybrid and native public clouds. Gain insight across both public and private clouds to know where workloads are deployed and how resources are being used. Migrate, scale out on demand, unify multicloud, or build modern applications with VMWare.

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Cloud is the single biggest enabler for digital transformation today. NetApp empowers us and our customers to optimize IT investments and enact critical data across hybrid multicloud environments, delivering more unified experiences. Let us help design your data fabric to be where you need it, when you need it to propel better business outcomes. Thousands of Customers across the world trust NetApp to manage their data in the cloud.

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When it comes to your business, you must look beyond brand and do what’s best for you and your users, and choosing the optimal cloud is critical in building a capable hybrid IT strategy. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud offer largely similar basic capabilities around flexible compute, storage and networking. They all share the common pillars of a public cloud: instant provisioning, auto-scaling, security, compliance and more. Which is right for you?

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As your business grows, your needs will evolve. Are you concerned whether or not your IT organization has the internal manpower to tackle complex cloud projects? Allow us to help.