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Why choose Xigent Solutions Technology Sourcing service?

Put simply, our combination of service, convenience, and price ensures your endpoint solution procurement is accurate, efficient and cost effective. 


Endpoint Solution Expertise

Our technology specialist will research and recommend the best endpoint solution

Full Service

From research to product demos to procurement to fulfillment, our team will be there from beginning to end


Easy access to our online store if you need to place an order outside of regular business hours

Frictionless technology procurement

Xigent Technology Sourcing employs a full-service approach for edge technology procurement enabling IT professionals to save time and have greater confidence in their technology investment.  Our specialist takes care of the time-consuming research, leverages relationships with technology partners and industry experts, and quickly develops the most effective solution. Additionally, product demos or trials can be easily arranged so you and your team have a high level of confidence that your technology purchase will deliver the outcomes expected by the business. Your team will have more time to focus on the high-value activities to help your business grow.

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