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Strategy Services

Business Efficient IT Infrastructure Maturity Model

Business Efficient IT Infrastructure Maturity Model

Reliable and efficient performance with high availability, security, and compliance is what an IT infrastructure is supposed to deliver – quality service at the lowest possible cost. We’ve developed a comprehensive IT infrastructure strategy and roadmapping process that allows IT leaders to improve the connection with the business and improve IT outcomes.

Our Strategy Services stand on a comprehensive Infrastructure Maturity Model. This model identifies the current state of our clients’ IT environment and highlights gaps between an organization’s goals and its capabilities. Once a client’s Infrastructure Maturity has been profiled, we build a roadmap with specific recommendations for enhancing IT outcomes, by improving the skills (People), Process and Technology needed to meet the business’s goals.

Our Strategy Services


Xigent’s BEI.navigator offering creates a multi-year IT infrastructure roadmap helping clients achieve the optimal service level at the lowest cost. The BEI.navigator process develops goals and evaluates organizational performance along six dimensions of critical infrastructure:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Process
  • IT Management
  • Service-level Performance
  • Budget/Financial Performance

Strategy Managed Services

With performance gaps identified, our IT strategy experts work closely with the client’s IT and Business leaders to develop a strategic roadmap. The roadmap often covers a 2-3 year timeframe and focuses on moving the client toward an efficient IT infrastructure. Critical gaps are prioritized and improvement plans are created, with budgets and people and technology resources assigned to each improvement plan.

BEI.operational matrix

Using the completed Strategic Roadmap, our operational experts engage with the client’s leadership team and key staff members to execute the plan. The core of this effort is the BEI.operational matrix. Our proprietary operating model uses industry-standard ITIL methodologies to manage the complex task of implementing the roadmap.

Benefit From Business Efficient Infrastructure

As a key component in the Architect and Design phase our Strategy Services give clients a practical, actionable plan that closes IT Infrastructure performance gaps and moves their IT infrastructure toward a dynamic, integral position in the business. Regardless of your IT investment, we can create a Business Efficient Infrastructure that optimizes your IT performance.


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