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Support Services

Managing and maintaining a healthy and secure IT environment is a critical and major part of your IT Technology Lifecycle. Limited resources make it difficult for many organizations to provide the level of service and support required to meet their business goals. Too often, IT organizations are in a reactive posture focused on resolving unexpected business crises and are unable to spend the time needed to help grow and transform the business through technology solutions.

At Xigent Solutions we’ve created a range of Support Service packages that enable business and IT leaders to refocus limited internal staff resources on higher value activities. By delegating operational infrastructure tasks to Xigent’s BEI Operations Center, businesses and organizations are able to leverage our experienced team, mature ITIL based processes, and reliable, flexible technology.

There's a better way to manage and maintain your IT environment with Xigent Support Services.

Support Services Essential

Our Essential package contains the minimum support activities every organization needs to ensure the basic and ongoing operational success of their mission critical operating platforms including:

  • Software Updates (2x/yr) – technology solutions are complex and require timely and ongoing maintenance to operate effectively. This is one of the most frequently overlooked support activities that, left undone, greatly increases the risk of poor performance and business disruption.
  • Health Check (annual) – evaluates the current operating environment and identifies critical issues that need attention.


Support Services Enhanced

Our Enhanced package is designed for the customer with greater mission critical requirements and the need for additional expert technical assistance. It contains all of the critical services in the Essential package plus additional support best practices including:

  • Monitoring – Xigent’s Monitoring As a Service (xMaaS) actively monitors production systems, 24×7, and alerts our service desk about events that have or may lead to a disruption in IT services.
  • Incident Response – Our incident response team responds immediately, 24×7, to resolve issues before they impact the business.
  • Technical Support – additional resources allocated for technical assistance, remediation, and operations improvement activities.

Support Services Custom

In addition to all of the services in our essential and enhanced packages, Xigent will assume greater responsibility for IT operations using our BEI operations process methodology, Operations Center, and team. This level includes direct and ongoing involvement with our customer’s operational environment.


Xigent Support Services ESSENTIAL

Contains support activities needed for basic/ongoing success of mission critical operating platforms including:

  • General Support Hours
  • Software Patches and Updates
  • Health Checks

Xigent Support Services ENHANCED

Contains all of the critical services in the Essential package plus other best practices including:

  • Monitoring/Alerting
  • Performance and Capacity Reporting
  • Incident and Problem Management

Xigent Support Services CUSTOM

Contains all of the critical services in the Essential and Enhanced package plus optional additions including:

  • Performance and Capacity Management
  • Storage Administration
  • Release and Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Improvement Plans
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management

Proactivity Breeds Success

Our Support Service packages put the power of Xigent’s BEI Operations Center, trusted technology solutions, experienced team, and ITIL-based processes at your disposal. Our targeted operational support and practical guidance ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating at peak efficiency and your team is providing the greatest value to the business and puts you on the path to BEI.


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